Sustainable and Slow Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a part of the growing design philosophy and movement towards environmental and social sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system, which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

Slow fashion, the alternative to fast fashion and part of what has been called the “slow movement“, advocates for principles similar to the principles of slow food, such as good quality, clean environment, and fairness for both consumers and producers.

Due to somewhat very open and perhaps not yet fully formed definition of sustainable fashion and a lack of legal terminology there is hypocrisy in the way some fashion brands use the term ‘sustainable’ in their marketing, as if trying to make their clients feel better about choosing their products, rather than demonstrating that they are part of the movement. Can a brand, for example, position itself as part of the sustainable fashion movement only because it has been providing decent working conditions to it’s employees, but does nothing to reduce it’s negative footprint on the environment, besides it openly criticizes emancipation of women in order to keep or to grow it’s market share? It upsets me when I hear an influential fashion figure opposing emancipation in 2019. Strong and harismatic women have always been present in all times and emancipation is nothing new, nothing to fear from. I consider emancipation as my partner in crime. Life for a woman is simply way easier when she is authentic in her strength and not afraid to express herself and to speak up.

Every now and then I’m using Good on you app to check ethical brand ratings. It is a tool that strives making fashion industry more transparent. It is possible to give them your suggestions about brands that are not yet rated. This company rates brands in 3 aspects –  labor, environment and animal welfare, but why not rating also brand’s philosophy and include some basic values of a conscious person of our times? This would give a possibility for a consumer to check if his or her values align with the brand’s values.

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