I offer introductory 4 coaching sessions (used within 1 month) for 260 Euro including VAT (a single session costs 90 Euro). After these 4 sessions you will have a crystalized vision regarding your professional opportunities and next goals, as well as intensified intuition and a very good understanding of where you are in terms of your intuitive power and senses, and what are the next steps towards you being able to rely on your intuition to give you guidance and bring you creative ideas for your intended personal and professional development. I will also provide several tailor-made bonuses (designed for your situation) between the coaching sessions. Go for this awesome offer! I promise that it will be a good investment – it will ignite not only your superpower, but also your enterpreneurial spirit. Get in touch with me here.  I mostly lead my 1:1 coaching via ZOOM meetings and I work with clients from different parts of the world.