2017, Amsterdam. Collaboration with Day collective.  Research, development and launch of the project “PiCMAT”. Creation of a new surface from old, unneeded plastic shopping bags. Throught the old craft of weaving, an unnecessary material transforms into a picnic mat. Brand logos dissolve and transform into the abstract tactile image. There, the colours, forms, patterns and words from brands become a new visual form.

In 2018 and 2019 PiCMAT was presented at various locations and events in Amsterdam, such as Plastic Awareness Day, at the Operatie Bos en Lommer Plein, Fashion inside out, at WOW, Stadsdeel Nieuw-West Amsterdam (event ”Verhaal van de straat”) and during the “Rijke Eenvoud” exhibiton at the Van Eesteren museum.




The paintings are also used for creating the space in the performance Nomadic Picnic. PiCMAT paintings reflect on the current social environment, where the issues of conscious living, sharing, communicating and communal creating are urgent as never before.