Between yes, maybe and no

Inconsistency and a lack of focus is often a judged trait, however it is not bad or good, it just is. We can look at this trait as the bottom side of being open, flexible and ready for a change. Like fishes with a dance like swimming style. It’s a fine mechanism because on one hand we do need some consistency in order to come back to ourself, as in regular practices that serve us. If we want to become better at creating or to have a better health, we need to establish certain daily patterns. On the other hand inconsistency is the readiness for the unknown, the freedom to change the direction if we see a new interesting, broadening connection, and that’s  the creative mindset.

A regular daily creative action, a show-up is a must for someone who wants to build upon his creativity. Be consistent in this, make your own daily ritual, but always give your work  and ideas space to be and to continue their life. Don’t get too attached to the embryo stages of your project. Sometimes your work needs a longer commitment and takes several years.

Some tips:

  1. Embrace your inconsistency and indecisivness where it serves you. You are always ready for new information, for changes, for the unknown. You are expanding and improving, gaining new knowledge, making new connections. This trait makes you differnet from people who get stuck in the known, in the past.
  2. Create consistency where it is really beneficial – waking up early, excercising, eating healthy, showing up and creating something every day.
  3. Define your general intentions. This will make a structure around all the flexibility and changes within. Make a notebook with these intentions and write down steps you are making, while you go forward. This way you won’t get lost and when looking back in your notes, see the development.