Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Residency program Edible bodies, Glasshouse ArtLifeLab, New York City, Brooklyn

One to one performances are part of Edible Bodies program at Glasshouse: Food is a relational actant. It manifests a temporary otherness- once swallowed its coherence gradually dissipates until it completely absorbs in the body. Once dissolved it becomes our cells. The edible gets assimilated into us. It has a formative power which acts on the body. It’s a process that performs much longer than the act (of eating). For most of us, it’s a daily happening. A repeated ordinary act. The edible as a truly immersive, relational, durational performance of an other is the focus of this singular performance program.

The performances takes place in 3 different spaces – the gallery, Arta’s private room and the bathtub of the artlifelab. Arta prepares meals three times a day. She serves them, but does not start eating without having a guest. The performance is activated when somebody from the audience is willing to interact and have a meal. The spoon has 2 different lenghts and Arta adjusts the lenght of the spoon. Performances are accompanied with writings in the form of questions.

Press release, Dutch Culture USA