You were born ORIGINAL. Don’t become A Copy.

Maison Arta is here to help anyone who wishes to discover, develop or amplify their intuition, creativity and innovation ability and to make a positive impact through their creativity. In 2019 Maison Arta launched couching services in Creative Strategy Design – empowering and activating individuals and organisations and their talents in today’s transforming world.

The common social narrative is that straying outside of the norm is threatening and must be stopped. We need to “keep it safe”. In my early twenties I felt bored and unhappy, following society’s rules and guidelines. Being a natural rebel and a risk taker + realizing that I only live once and not sure for how long, by the age of 32 I had already shaped my life according to my individual values – having new friends, exciting experiences and a new occupation – synergizing art, design, philosophy and business in one. Past years of passionate creative development in the Netherlands have lead me to carving my own creative innovation and change strategies to keep the focus and the good work going through the challenges I encounter.

My long term intention in consulting is to continuously develop one of the best holistic programs available in the field of creativity, innovation, experience design and social design, by connecting disciplines, such as science, history, philosophy, design and business and to help designers and organisations in the process of transition and development. 

The environmental and social issues of our time demand that we consider the making as a transformative social practice and promote environmentally and socially conscious habits among society, therefore I consult with consideration for the wider impact of the creative process and its reception in relationship to its environments.

I’m available via phone, Skype, email ( or in person. To learn more about this work or to book a free introduction session with me, please get in touch!

Is everyone creative?