Design and Innovation Consulting

Today’s growing concern about environmental and social risks and therefore the demand for disruptive innovations call for reconsideration of the approach to design and business models. This paradigm shift in culture, including the worldwide movement towards more ecological and socially responsible lifestyles is both a challenge and an opportunity for creative thinkers and designers.

In the Chamber of Un.knowing me and my associate partner Jerry Ruijter offer consulting services and workshops in strategic design and we call our method ”The Un.knowers compass”. We create bespoke design thinking workshops as well as lectures on a specific, design related subject to facilitate novel design solutions.

The emphasis of our design consultancy services is on the use of the design process and creative thinking to bring about social change – improving well-being and livelihood. Over the past 2 years we have been growing our skills and expertise in sustainable fashion design, as well as temporary use of real-estate/ urban design.


Some of the concepts that we use in our framework:

  • Design Thinking as a tool for change
  • Intuition Driven Design as a tool for change
  • Sustainable Design as a tool for change
  • Social Design as a tool for change
  • The Business Model Canvas as a tool for change