The emphasis of our consultancy services is on the use of the design process and creative thinking to bring about social change – improving well-being and livelihood. Our intuition and our physical senses can bring us closer to nature and our context, while allowing us to progress and innovate within our business environments, therefore the methods developed in the Chamber of Unknowing are future oriented.

The current paradigm shift in culture, including the worldwide movement towards more ecological and socially responsible lifestyles is both a challenge and an opportunity for creative thinkers and designers. Today’s growing concern about environmental and social risks and therefore the demand for disruptive innovations call for reconsideration of the approach to design and business models. The long-term intention of Chamber of Unknowing is to continuously develop one of the best holistic programs available in the field of creative problem solving and innovation, sustainability and design, by connecting disciplines, such as science, history, philosophy, design, ecology and business and to help others speeding up in the process of transition and development. 

Chamber of Unknowing consultants are available via phone, Skype, email or in person. To learn more about this work or to book a free introduction session, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.