I was born in Riga in 1983. I graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam) audio visual department in 2016 and I’m currently based in Amsterdam. My artistic path has been unfolding step by step during the last 5 years. I have previously graduated from the Business school in Riga. Untill now I have been showing my work mostly in the Netherlands. My short films have been screened in the Eye film museum and in various festivals and events in the Netherlands. My inspiration mainly comes from social contexts and paradoxes. How does our sense of autonomy relate to others? What role does the distance play in the interpersonal contact? My personal fascination with independence probably starts in my childhood, experiencing the happenings of the restoration of independence in the country I come from, followed by various struggles of a divided society. This fascination about coexistence continues in various personal situations and observations. A dialogue often inspires my work and the work also takes shape of a dialogue. I work in an experimental, free but precise way with various mediums – performance, drawing, text, video. The formats that I use in my practice are interlaced.

Warm greetings! I’m Arta, founder of Maison A and I’m a leading designer, artist, creative leadership and strategy coach with over 8 years of experience working in the creative industry where I have been leading artistic, educational and cultural projects as well as creating innovative bespoke couture pieces and handmade collector’s soaps.

Following my intuition, I made a brave step and started a successful and vibrant life as a creative entrepreneur 10 years ago. I now help other people who wish to boost, transition or expand their careers and live a creative, fulfilling and abundant life.

In my role as a creative leadership coach I help people who over-analyze to ignite their intuition so that they build trust within and transform into confident creative leaders and good decision makers. I help individuals to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be, by developing their intuition and their sense of creative leadership.

In the current global situation, we have the unique opportunity to reassess certain aspects of our life and invest our time in something that has the potential to bring positive changes in our life and move us towards our highest goals. Just dreaming is not enough – action is what it takes, and now is the best time to take active steps toward the dreams we hold in our heart.

My passions


 I’m passionate about sustainable innovations and most of my coaching clients are people who desire to create a positive social and environmental impact through their creativity and through their long-term progression. Sustainable community and sustainable world starts from a personal level – from a happy, brave and successful individual who is going after his/ her big dreams.

Intuition Trainings and Creative Leadership Coaching

I specialise in intuition development trainings through which I gradually activate the creative potential of my clients and help them to find their flow of progression, unlock their abundant, prosperous mindset and empower their innate resilience. This practice empowers good and quick decision making process, therefore guides people working smarter. My coaching services also include accountability in my client’s journeys towards their big day dreams. Curious? Join the Creative & Intuitive Leader’s Lounge –  a nurturing community and a safe space for ambitious people who desire to connect to and explore the depths of their intuition and creativity, and to ignite the creative leadership.

I LOVE doing this work!

My clients are improving their intuitive intelligence at a fast pace and it’s perfect timing for this training. I work with a small amount of private clients in order to provide my best service. If you are interested here’s more information.




我是領先的設計師,藝術家,創意領導力和策略教練,在創意產業中擁有超過8年的工作經驗,我一直領導藝術和文化項目,並創作出創新的高級定製作品和手工收藏家的香皂。 憑著個人的直覺,我離開了9-5的工作環境,10年前開始了作為創意企業家成功和充滿活力的新生活,因此,在我實踐藝術的同時,我現在會幫助其他希望轉型和擴展職業生涯的人,並會助他們過著更有創意,有意義和充實的生活。我對可持續創新充滿熱情,我大多數的私人客戶亦是那些渴望通過創造力和長期發展對社會和環境產生積極影響的人。 我專注於直覺發展培訓,通過這些培訓,我可以激發客戶的創造潛能,並幫助他們找到進步的空間,充實並增強其天生的適應能力。這種做法有助於決策過程,因此可以指導人們更聰明地工作。我的訓練服務還包括了對我客戶實現夢想的旅程中承擔責任。





It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover

– Henri Poincare


The future is not a pure projection of the past – data doesn’t always anticipate major shifts in culture, technology, the environment and so forth. The inability of data to anticipate changes, coupled with the fact that institutions condition us not to trust intuition but instead focus on critical thinking and data, has cause imbalance in business leadership, decision-making, and innovation. The conscious rational mind is limited and when we open ourselves to the intelligence in our bodies and our unconscious mind, the well we draw from gains more depth and breadth to inform us. Intuition is a true resource of a deeper intelligence and instinct inherent in each of us that allows us to tap in our potential and utilize all of the data inside of us and around us for our best decision-making. Intuition requires us to step back, slow down, and open up to the bigger picture. 


One of the three pillars of our new design thinking framework at Chamber of Unknowing and a truly distinctive quality of our service and workshops is the emphasis on the development of your intuitive skills – facilitating you to leap into the unknown, guided by your strong inner GPS. Integration of your inner knowing and guidance (for the most informed decisions) with critical thinking and analytics (for a clear direction based on research and data) to give you the best chance to succeed in business and in life, and help you train and develop intuitive skills to achieve the greatest result for the business.

When we slow down our intuition allows us to include more information and therefore make wiser decisions. To learn to reconnect with our intuition, we often have to deprogram from our default patterns of thinking, which limit our decision-making potential. In other words, we already know what we already know. In order to access new and creative solutions, we need to unlearn our thought patterns.

During our workshops we will lead you through a process, which taps into your intuitive intelligence to improve decision-making, leadership, and innovation. We will facilitate your ability to recognize intuitive patterns, nuances, and make your intuition increase through exposure, listening, and practice. We’ll also shed new light on what gets in the way of your intuition so that you can begin to overcome some of these obstacles and gain more access to your natural intelligence. Our workshops also include exercises that you and your team will implement to harness intuition and grow the most underdeveloped skill set in today’s business culture! Separate yourself and your organization or your product/ service from the competition by enabling you and your team to soar to new heights of creativity, outside-the-box thinking, and innovation!

See you in the Chamber of Unknowing!






Midst this beautiful but busy life I set myself on a pause and reflect on why I’m doing the things I’m doing. This mostly happens in the moment before “the next amazing thing”. This time it’s the moment before naming my collection.  What usually happens during the pause is me coming back to the same conclusion – everything I do, create or experience comes from or starts with LOVE. I believe that, at large, there is no other drive why people do the things they do. I’m speaking here about the things that do work out and have a future in the long run, in other words – sustainable things. Therefore I continue with the message that was born out of love for my best friend – that inspiring badass vegan trailblazer who met the love of her life and got married last year, and my love for nature and belief that life is a fun party, despite the gloomy and doomy!

I love the topic of badass – feeling and being a strong creator of my reality, determing my own story and direction in life. A badass never bends, but looks the world straight in the eyes. Between fun or rules she choses fun. She has a strong sense of self and her personal power. She deals with her fears with quiet strength. This lady is not afraid to screw up royally, taking that as a stepping stone. She is aware of and uses her gifts! A badass has a voice so those without a voice can be heard. I could go on and on, and I will 🙂 With this new biodegradable and hypoallergenic comfort wear collection I want to pay homage to all the badass ladies – “Women who are the real architects of society” /Harriet Beecher Stowe/. 

“Grace” is the English translation of the Greek χάρις (charis) meaning “that which brings delight, joy, happiness, or good fortune.” To me it feels like Grace is not only the smoothness and elegance of one’s movement and being. It’s also one’s courtesy to the environment an fellow beings. Yes, that’s also her – a graceful and silky, sensitive skin badass.


It has always been a pleasure to see, touch, experience these delicate and soft pieces of garments. Today, with more awareness about the unwanted side-effects of the fashion industry, Maison A develops its own lingerie and loungewear pieces that are made with respect for nature, from organic materials, and inspired by amazing and brave kick-ass Women and Men.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to know more about the process or place an order.



Biodegradable lingerie

Why I like the Invisible

Bespoke vegan wedding lingerie Kristine

La Défense neighborhood in Paris is rapidly expanding and lots of new buildings will be built in the near future to accommodate new residents and workers, and in this context organisation Vive les Groues takes an initiative to invest in a 9,000 m² wasteland near La Défense neighborhood (Les Groues), with the belief that what is taking place there today is contributing to the future of the neighborhood. Thus, planting trees, offering a green space, sharing workshops, revealing local stories, debating, organizing meetings, workshops and festive moments.

It was exciting and special to be part of the expansive and cross-disciplinary 2 weeks event Yes We Camp, where hundred participants from all over Europe shared reflection and knowledge around the issue of transient urbanism, and also brought practical and fun activities along to share and learn from each other. Together with Oscar Landais who I met during the camp we organized a little workshop in flower pounding on textile. Results as well as the plants from the area were gorgeous, and attracted interest and exchange from the participants of the camp as well as inhabitants of the neighborhood. 


“Tout va vite à l’heure du Grand Paris, mais la ville ne saurait se faire en un claquement de doigts” 

“Everything is going fast at the time of the Grand Paris, but the city can not be done in a snap of fingers”.


It took me quite some time to develop a biodegradable lingerie prototype and I don’t want to disintegrate the design by using chemical textile dyes. However, since the wedding season is over and surrounding nature is full of beautiful colors in autumn, a desire for more color is building up in me. I decided to follow the calling for colors in a responsible, yet experimental way.

After investigating possibilities to collaborate with nature on this mission, I chose to try out dying with avocado pits and with Dutch seaweed that grows in the artificially created lake next to my home, in the green suburbs of Amsterdam.

There is always a moment of surprise when one is busy with alchemy and that’s why I love it. The color that avocado pits offer is elegant beige/ skin color – a perfect match for a lingerie design. Second surprise – when combining the subtle green from the seaweed with the avocado pink, a bright, more intense and sensual salmon-like color appeared. Beautiful color. I’m happy that this process turned out to be a success, even though as more I experiment, as further I wish to experiment.

The Oddball soaps

The scent, the shape and the experience – three pillars of my soap design alchemy. The oddball soaps appeared from my hands while I was researching topics of intuition in relation to innovation and creativity, since my way of working is to combine practical work with theoretical research.

For the scent of this sheabutter and coconut oil soap I chose Frankincense essential oil. The essential oil is distilled from the Boswellia tree’s resin. When the Boswellia tree’s bark is pierced, a milky-white oleoresin is exuded – thought the tree is not harmed. The resin forms droplets known as ‘tears’ or ‘pearls’, which harden into the orange-brown gum known itself as Frankincense. The English name of this natural incense is derived from the medieval French ‘franc’, meaning ‘pure’ or ‘free’, and from the Latin ‘incensium’, meaning ‘to smoke’. This scent is said to strenghten intuition and deepen a spiritual connection by enhancing focus. It can enhance the mood and combat stress and anxiety, deepen and slow down the breathing and still the mind, making it useful for meditation and yogic practice. Used for many thousands of years, the Frankincense tree has a strong association with spiritual practice. Frankincense has even been sought after by kings and valued as highly as gold! In most of the great ancient cultures, including the Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Hebrew, Greek and Roman civilizations, it has played a role in religious and domestic life. From my own experience so far, I enjoy the emptiness and the mind space it offers me. It’s like a reminder to come back to my own space of just being.

The intuitive shapes that came out are oddball: half-plant and half-animal, like sea anemones or corrals. “An oddball” also refers to a person or thing that is atypical, bizarre, eccentric, or nonconforming, especially one having beliefs that are unusual but harmless. The longer I live the more I question things around me, like a child. Why is soap square or oval? What experiences can I create as a designer that I wish existed?





11. septembrī Rīgā, Tallinas ielā 10 plkst. 18:30.

Tallinas ielas kvartāls


—- Intuīcijas un apzinātības loma radošajā domāšanā un izgudrošanā
—- Transdisciplinārā pieeja dizaina problēmu risināšanā
—- Ekoloģija, ilgstpējīgs dizains un “Cradle to cradle” biznesa stratēģija
—- Biomīmikrijas un biodizaina risinājumi

11. septembrī no 18.30 – 20.00 Free Riga aicina uz lekciju par mūsdienu dizaina tendencēm, kuru vadīs māksliniece Arta Bāliņa.

Lekcija notiek pasākumu cikla Shifted Kompass ietvaros.

9. septembrī Rīgā, Bruņinieku ielā 2 plkst. 19:00.



🌿Apzinātības un intuīcijas loma radošumā un eko-inovēšanā

🌿Inovācijas tekstila nozarē un modē (biodizains, materiālu pārstrāde, wabu sabi un citas alternatīvas esošajiem modeļiem)

🌿Mākslīgais intelekts un nākotnes cilvēka vitālās prasmes

🌿“Cradle to cradle” biznesa modelis, dizains cirkulārās ekonomikas kontekstā

🌿Tehnoloģijas un “Cradle to cradle”

🌿Vegānisms un modes dizains

4. septembrī Rīgā, Kungu ielā 7/9 plkst. 18:00.

Zaļā studija Pienene


Tēmas, kurām pieskārsimies tikšanās laikā:
Intuīcijas loma radošumā un inovēšanā. Kāds ir inovatīva cilvēka DNA? Kā intuīciju pielietot pieredzes dizainā?
Šībrīža akūtās vides problēmas un pieredzes dizaina potenciāls un iespējas.
Ekoloģija, ētika un inovācijas tekstila nozarē un modē. Pārmaiņas modes mākslas lauciņā.
“Cradle to cradle” biznesa modelis.
Vegānisms un tā potenciāls dizainā.