Photo credit Massoud Memar

Welcome to Maison Arta!

I’m Arta Balina – the founder of Maison Arta. I’m a visual artist, experience designer and conscious design researcher and advisor born in Riga, Latvia. In the Baltic states nature is perceived as a top source of energy and quietness, and this bond with nature historically goes hand in hand with the tradition of craftsmanship. Aside from my love for nature and crafts, through the ups and downs of my background growing up in a post-Soviet Republic, I have been curiously discovering the concepts of freedom, independence and responsibility. My values as a person and as a creator are feeling connection with nature, myself and others, conjointly with conscious individual autonomy.


I graduated from the Turiba University in 2006 with a degree in Business Administration and from Riga Technical University in 2008 with a degree in Total Quality Management. During my studies I worked in Turiba University and later in Latvenergo – one of the largest power suppliers in the Baltics. I decided to move to the Netherlands in 2008 to expand my horizons. I had couple of corporate jobs and I was travelling and exploring in my free time, till I started my second study period.


In 2016 I graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy audio visual department, and besides my individual art practice I was a co-founder of an art collective DAY, where I was actively involved in the development of upcycling projects and live performances in 2017. Since 2018 Maison Arta has been devoted to a sustainable lingerie prototype design, fiber research and develpment of an eco-innovation coaching program. In 2019 Maison Arta launched couching services in creative strategy design – empowering and activating individuals and organisations and their talents in today’s transforming world.

Artist statement

My longing for more harmony in human’s relation to his natural environment and a deep need to reconnect to the physical matter invites me to create work that inspires us to think about sustainability. Many times we, people and our surrounding nature, pass each other by on a daily basis, but without ever taking the time to really know each other. Through my work I would like to provide an opportunity to slow down and see our environment with a new set of eyes. The environmental and social issues of our time demand that we consider art and design as a transformative social practice and promote environmentally and socially conscious habits among society. My work is produced with consideration for the wider impact of the work and its reception in relationship to its environments (social, economic, biophysical, emotional and cultural). With my practice I refer to the modern, fast lifestyle and I’m confronting those lifestyle patterns in the way I live, work and deal with materiality, by following my intuition.