Capoeira Experience

This challenging and isolating environment we are all living in right now demands more ideas and innovations in regards to community engagmenet, participation and social inclusion, therefore I’m very happy to have been invited to take part in Capoeira Experience and share my vision on social inclusion and individual empowerment.

I look forward to introduce my coaching practice in the Amsterdam ZuidOost community and I feel lucky to have an amazing opportunity to learn all about this powerful martial art from Capoeira mestre Sidney Tartaruga. We have already started Capoeira trainings with felow artists and community members in Lola Bae. I look forward to empower people who need it most right now!

”Capoeira Experience program is an artistic intervention that mixes Capoeira and the Visual Arts to achieve a dialogue with society. This is a project inspired in the need to create a positive energy in the current challenging context in which we live. We are confronted with a health pandemic that threatens our social coexistence, with constant social inequalities and oppressive acts of racism. Our project provides society the energy and creativity it needs to heal, and to rethink social inclusion in a way that it liberates us from the colonial and oppressive mindset. Capoeira, a dance and a sort of martial art, was born from the daily struggle of slaves in Brazil, as a weapon against oppression. We bring it now to society as a tool for empowerment and inspiration source for our visual languages.

The project works as a laboratory to experiment with diverse proposals of human connection and social inclusion, which will be inspired by the practice of Capoeira. As this is an art that teaches to understand the energy of the other. The project offers Capoeira workshops and Visual Arts brainstorming sessions to a wide public, mostly centred in Amsterdam ZuidOost. It will take place at Lola Bae in Amsterdam Zuidoost, it starts on September 25 and ends on December 6. This program will inspire participants to gain awareness about their own capacity to connect with others, and question social exclusion. This will be reflected in the three day exhibition and (covid free) festival on 4-6 December 2020. We will take all Covid regulations into account, at all times to make sure we stay healthy and kicking.’

Capoeira Experience is organised by visual artist Maga Berr and Capoeira mestre Sidney Tartaruga, who join forces to create an inclusive program, which will count with Capoeira workshops and Visual Arts brainstorming sessions, public debates, an excursion, a festival and an exhibition. Maga Berr will facilitate the Visual Arts brainstorming sessions, and invited diverse artists to participate and share their artistic perspective during these sessions. With the invited artists and people that have registered to the program, a peer group of creative people will be formed, many coming from Amsterdam Zuidoost. It is a diverse group of Dutch, Surinam, Caribbean, Brazilian, Peruvian, Eastern European and other international people, from whom many are second generation migrants. Their occupations vary between artists, musicians, designers, philosophers, students and healers. During the sessions we will reflect about our coexistence in the society we live in, and express this awareness through diverse artistic and creative mediums. During the sessions we will use diverse conversation techniques. The peer group will guide our creative process till the final exhibition in December 2020.

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