Intuition Develpment and Creative Leadership Coaching

Hello! I’m Arta, a founder of Maison A. 10 years ago, following my intuition, I made a brave step and started a successful and vibrant life as a creative entrepreneur. I got out of my head and fully embraced my real potential as a creative leader, leaving my previous career that no longer satisfied me.

Connection to and consistent development of my intuition unleashed my creative potential and changed my whole life!

FLOW, LOVE, INSPIRATION, IMAGINATION, ADVENTURE, PASSION, FUN, ABUNDANCE are few of the keywords to describe the abundat inner and outer life I’m living right now, thanks to my strenghtened inner guidance! 


In my role as a coach I help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, to connect to and to develop their intuition so that they can use their creative potential to it’s full capacity and make the best decisions without self-doubt. To create the positive impact they wish to be recognized for in their communities. To always be inspired and inspiring and to never run out of ideas.

EVERYONE is creative and intuitive, but unfortunately we are conditioned to be disconnected from our senses and emotions!

In today’s ever changing world, being able to think creatively, to react quickly as well as ability to be flexible and brave are essential skills that every entrepreneur and intrapreneur must have. Using just our conscious mind and rational analysis is not enough to create that impact that we want to create and be known for, however for most people in the western society, due to the out-dated male paradigm, their intuition is still one of their most precious, yet underused resources. When they learn to get in touch with it, they are amazed!

Get in touch with me if you wish to develop your intuitive intelligence for intensified creativity and good decision-making. I also offer this training to teams. When working with me, you can look forward to:

✪ Easier, quicker and better decision making,

✪ Greater creativity and a much better sense of ‘flow’ – the right people, clients, networks, conversations, in-sights, solutions happening for you and your venture,

✪ Overcoming limiting beliefs that hinder you from being a creative leader

✪ Ignition of your creative leader within – more trust, COURAGE and confidence,

✪ Greater inner peace and satisfaction. Elevated awareness level so you can reach your highest potential,

✪ Improved energy level. Stressing less. Enjoying life more. 

Get my FREE tips on intuition development.

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Join my free Facebook group  Abundant Creatives – dream and intuition nurturing community and safe space for starting and practicing entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who desire to connect to and explore the depths and benefits of their intuition. Follow me on Instagram. 


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