Intuition trainings and Creative Leadership Coaching

Warm greetings on this lovely spring day! I’m Arta, founder of Maison A and I’m a leading designer, artist, creative leadership and strategy coach with over 8 years of experience working in the creative industry where I have been leading artistic, educational and cultural projects as well as creating innovative bespoke couture pieces and handmade collector’s soaps.

Following my intuition, I left my 9 to 5 job in the corporate environment to start a successful and vibrant new life as a creative entrepreneur 10 years ago, and next to my work in the creative industry I now help people who wish to transition and expand their careers or become an entrepreneur and live a more creative, meaningful and abundant life. 

In the current global situation, we have the unique opportunity to reassess certain aspects of our life and invest our time in something that has the potential to bring positive changes in our life and move us towards our highest goals. Just dreaming is not enough – action is what it takes, and now is the best time to take active steps toward the dreams we hold in our heart.

My passions


 I’m passionate about sustainable innovations and most of my private clients are people who desire to create a positive social and environmental impact through their creativity and through their long-term progression. Sustainable community and sustainable world starts from a personal level – from a happy, brave and successful individual who is going after his/ her big dreams.

Intuition Trainings and Creative Leadership Coaching

I specialise in intuition development trainings through which I gradually activate the creative potential of my clients and help them to find their flow of progression, unlock their abundant, prosperous mindset and empower their innate resilience. This practice empowers good decision making process, therefore guides people working smarter. My coaching services also include accountability in my client’s journeys towards their big day dreams. Curious? Join the Creative & Intuitive Leader’s Lounge –  a nurturing community and a safe space for ambitious people who desire to connect to and explore the depths of their intuition and creativity, to become a better version of themself and to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit. 

I LOVE doing this work!

My private clients are improving their intuitive intelligence at a fast pace and it’s perfect timing for this training. I work with a small amount of private clients in order to provide my best service. If you are interested get in touch with me, while there are still time slots available. I am currently launching an introductory offer/price of 4 coaching sessions (used within 1 month) for 260 Euro, including VAT (a single session costs 90 Euro). After these 4 sessions you will have a crystalized vision regarding your professional opportunities and next goals, as well as intensified intuition and a very good understanding of where you are in terms of your intuitive power and senses, and what are the next steps towards you being able to rely on your intuition to give you guidance and bring you creative ideas for your intended personal and professional development. I will also provide several tailor-made bonuses (designed for your situation) between the coaching sessions. Go for this awesome offer! I promise that it will be a good investment – it will ignite not only your superpower, but also your enterpreneurial spirit. Get in touch with me here.  I mostly lead my 1:1 coaching via ZOOM meetings and I work with clients from different parts of the world.




我是領先的設計師,藝術家,創意領導力和策略教練,在創意產業中擁有超過8年的工作經驗,我一直領導藝術和文化項目,並創作出創新的高級定製作品和手工收藏家的香皂。 憑著個人的直覺,我離開了9-5的工作環境,10年前開始了作為創意企業家成功和充滿活力的新生活,因此,在我實踐藝術的同時,我現在會幫助其他希望轉型和擴展職業生涯的人,並會助他們過著更有創意,有意義和充實的生活。我對可持續創新充滿熱情,我大多數的私人客戶亦是那些渴望通過創造力和長期發展對社會和環境產生積極影響的人。 我專注於直覺發展培訓,通過這些培訓,我可以激發客戶的創造潛能,並幫助他們找到進步的空間,充實並增強其天生的適應能力。這種做法有助於決策過程,因此可以指導人們更聰明地工作。我的訓練服務還包括了對我客戶實現夢想的旅程中承擔責任。




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