Intuition driven creativity and innovation


It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover

– Henri Poincare


The future is not a pure projection of the past – data doesn’t always anticipate major shifts in culture, technology, the environment and so forth. The inability of data to anticipate changes, coupled with the fact that institutions condition us not to trust intuition but instead focus on critical thinking and data, has cause imbalance in business leadership, decision-making, and innovation. The conscious rational mind is limited and when we open ourselves to the intelligence in our bodies and our unconscious mind, the well we draw from gains more depth and breadth to inform us. Intuition is a true resource of a deeper intelligence and instinct inherent in each of us that allows us to tap in our potential and utilize all of the data inside of us and around us for our best decision-making. Intuition requires us to step back, slow down, and open up to the bigger picture. 


One of the three pillars of our new design thinking framework at Chamber of Unknowing and a truly distinctive quality of our service and workshops is the emphasis on the development of your intuitive skills – facilitating you to leap into the unknown, guided by your strong inner GPS. Integration of your inner knowing and guidance (for the most informed decisions) with critical thinking and analytics (for a clear direction based on research and data) to give you the best chance to succeed in business and in life, and help you train and develop intuitive skills to achieve the greatest result for the business.

When we slow down our intuition allows us to include more information and therefore make wiser decisions. To learn to reconnect with our intuition, we often have to deprogram from our default patterns of thinking, which limit our decision-making potential. In other words, we already know what we already know. In order to access new and creative solutions, we need to unlearn our thought patterns.

During our workshops we will lead you through a process, which taps into your intuitive intelligence to improve decision-making, leadership, and innovation. We will facilitate your ability to recognize intuitive patterns, nuances, and make your intuition increase through exposure, listening, and practice. We’ll also shed new light on what gets in the way of your intuition so that you can begin to overcome some of these obstacles and gain more access to your natural intelligence. Our workshops also include exercises that you and your team will implement to harness intuition and grow the most underdeveloped skill set in today’s business culture! Separate yourself and your organization or your product/ service from the competition by enabling you and your team to soar to new heights of creativity, outside-the-box thinking, and innovation!

See you in the Chamber of Unknowing!




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