Vive les Groues

La Défense neighborhood in Paris is rapidly expanding and lots of new buildings will be built in the near future to accommodate new residents and workers, and in this context organisation Vive les Groues takes an initiative to invest in a 9,000 m² wasteland near La Défense neighborhood (Les Groues), with the belief that what is taking place there today is contributing to the future of the neighborhood. Thus, planting trees, offering a green space, sharing workshops, revealing local stories, debating, organizing meetings, workshops and festive moments.

It was exciting and special to be part of the expansive and cross-disciplinary 2 weeks event Yes We Camp, where hundred participants from all over Europe shared reflection and knowledge around the issue of transient urbanism, and also brought practical and fun activities along to share and learn from each other. Together with Oscar Landais who I met during the camp we organized a little workshop in flower pounding on textile. Results as well as the plants from the area were gorgeous, and attracted interest and exchange from the participants of the camp as well as inhabitants of the neighborhood. 


“Tout va vite à l’heure du Grand Paris, mais la ville ne saurait se faire en un claquement de doigts” 

“Everything is going fast at the time of the Grand Paris, but the city can not be done in a snap of fingers”.


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