Seaweed and avocado

It took me quite some time to develop a biodegradable lingerie prototype and I don’t want to disintegrate the design by using chemical textile dyes. However, since the wedding season is over and surrounding nature is full of beautiful colors in autumn, a desire for more color is building up in me. I decided to follow the calling for colors in a responsible, yet experimental way.

After investigating possibilities to collaborate with nature on this mission, I chose to try out dying with avocado pits and with Dutch seaweed that grows in the artificially created lake next to my home, in the green suburbs of Amsterdam.

There is always a moment of surprise when one is busy with alchemy and that’s why I love it. The color that avocado pits offer is elegant beige/ skin color – a perfect match for a lingerie design. Second surprise – when combining the subtle green from the seaweed with the avocado pink, a bright, more intense and sensual salmon-like color appeared. Beautiful color. I’m happy that this process turned out to be a success, even though as more I experiment, as further I wish to experiment.

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