Bespoke Lingerie

What meaning and feeling does an authentic luxury product carries for a contemporary individual today? What defines a luxury design? How should a luxury product make one feel and at what cost? What experience is a real beauty? These are some of the questions that drive me as a designer personally and motivate me to find new solutions in order to innovate in my design practice and to redefine the concept of luxury. We live in the times of climate and unfortunately also food crisis, therefore we no longer can act as if the old way of luxury product design is still actual today.

Mindfully designed lingerie Kristine is made from the orange cellulose textile – a silky, biodegradable textile from citrus juice by-products. It’s a vegan friendly luxurious textile since the production process does not involve killing any living beings, unlike silk, but it feels ethereal, almost fluid. Organic cotton threads were used in sewing the piece. The lingerie gift box is complimented with a selection of organic handmade soaps. Organic oils used in making the soaps are aligned with some of the favourite scents of the bride, such as bergamont, juniper berry and cedar wood. Lingerie set and soaps come in a lavender gift box, made out of deadstock textiles and recycled cardboard. Plenty of love for the planet and newlyweds!

This unique vegan lingerie set is now happily based in Canada, British Columbia and belongs to a beautiful, adventurous kick-ass vegan couple who live a conscious lifestyle, love nature, life and mindful luxury!




Baby soap

About this lingerie set

Moodboards for this lingerie set

Why I like the invisible

Bespoke lingerie design

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