She’s an inspiring big-shiny-eyed dreamer and doer. A conscious, confident, self-sustaining and sensual woman. She is Life. By being herself Kristine inspires people to expand their minds and to spread their wings. She is a much-needed trailblazer at her job, a brave human who prepares a trail through unknown territories for others to follow. She’s a nature and animal lover and a friendly, compassionate soul for her community. This could go on and on.

Having Kristine as my best friend is a gift for life. Kristine found her home and her love midst crystal clear lakes, beautiful mountains and lush meadows in British Columbia, where a special and intimate celebration of love is going to take place this summer.

I feel so inspired and excited to design my first vegan wedding lingerie for this incredible sparkly and joyful kick-ass Woman! I can’t wait to see these babies coming together and starting their life in beautiful Canada. Here they are, rolling out…


Moodboards, Kristine, 2019

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