Invisible surfaces

Nettle cells under a microscope

The hidden, invisible, unknown and not yet seen have always allured me more than the obvious. I think that generally the invisible is more important than the visible, however one can’t exist without the other and part of the magic of such hidden layer as lingerie for example, is that it’s underneath the visible layers of garments. The closest, most intimate layer to our body, the tactile sensuality of simultaneously being dressed and undressed.

Onion cells under a microscope

What I often encounter in lingerie stores and sewing workshops is an extreme shortage of environmentally aware approach in the choice of textiles, as if there is no choice. We live amongst abundance of material resources and by-products of various industries, but we are still so old fashioned when it comes to lingerie. We are supporting production of synthetic fibers, as polyester, made from a non-renewable resource, that requires an energy intensive production process and won’t decompose for up to 200 years. A fiber that was invented for the protective purposes due to the warOr cotton – one of the thirstiest fibres in fashion, a global, hard to trace commodity.  Or virgin silk with it’s questionable ethical aspects, when we are living in the context of growing population of vegetarians and vegans.

What does it actually mean and how would that feel to consciously come a step closer to my ability as a designer to be in touch with my sensual and soft self and my inner allure through a conscious material surface? I am certainly a dreamer and idealist but todays dreams is our future world.



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