Breakfast, 07:30 min, 2016

A moving metaphor. An open audiovisual sculpture. This work is my visual contemplation on personal space, body, control and connection. At the core of this video work is my contemplation on the question of personal autonomy and how this sense relates to other people. How much autonomy and space in real and metaphorically do I have in my own body, in my daily life, during my breakfast?


I am creating a moving sculpture in a form of a video. Before I started, I was wondering – how would it be to build a video like a sculpture? While I was busy creating the set – welding spoons and seats, I had a feeling that the objects, which took shape in my hands, will communicate by themselves. This work is an experimental mixture of controlled craftsmanship, freedom of performers and decisions about what has to be captured through the lens of the camera.

Having been working in a quick service restaurant during my last year of Rietveld, it has been a joy to extend the cutlery, leaving no other choice to my performers as to take it slow. Taking the time to eat and to be in the moment.

This moving metaphor a link with Jewish folklore that talks about feeding. Today societies that used to be open are more closed because of outer factors in the world, but we hang in and can only demonstrate our own tolerance and openness to the people we are confronted with.


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