This challenging and isolating environment we are all living in right now demands more ideas and innovations in regards to community engagmenet, participation and social inclusion, therefore I’m very happy to have been invited to take part in Capoeira Experience and share my vision on social inclusion and individual empowerment.

I look forward to introduce my coaching practice in the Amsterdam ZuidOost community and I feel lucky to have an amazing opportunity to learn all about this powerful martial art from Capoeira mestre Sidney Tartaruga. We have already started Capoeira trainings with felow artists and community members in Lola Bae. I look forward to empower people who need it most right now!

”Capoeira Experience program is an artistic intervention that mixes Capoeira and the Visual Arts to achieve a dialogue with society. This is a project inspired in the need to create a positive energy in the current challenging context in which we live. We are confronted with a health pandemic that threatens our social coexistence, with constant social inequalities and oppressive acts of racism. Our project provides society the energy and creativity it needs to heal, and to rethink social inclusion in a way that it liberates us from the colonial and oppressive mindset. Capoeira, a dance and a sort of martial art, was born from the daily struggle of slaves in Brazil, as a weapon against oppression. We bring it now to society as a tool for empowerment and inspiration source for our visual languages.

The project works as a laboratory to experiment with diverse proposals of human connection and social inclusion, which will be inspired by the practice of Capoeira. As this is an art that teaches to understand the energy of the other. The project offers Capoeira workshops and Visual Arts brainstorming sessions to a wide public, mostly centred in Amsterdam ZuidOost. It will take place at Lola Bae in Amsterdam Zuidoost, it starts on September 25 and ends on December 6. This program will inspire participants to gain awareness about their own capacity to connect with others, and question social exclusion. This will be reflected in the three day exhibition and (covid free) festival on 4-6 December 2020. We will take all Covid regulations into account, at all times to make sure we stay healthy and kicking.’

Capoeira Experience is organised by visual artist Maga Berr and Capoeira mestre Sidney Tartaruga, who join forces to create an inclusive program, which will count with Capoeira workshops and Visual Arts brainstorming sessions, public debates, an excursion, a festival and an exhibition. Maga Berr will facilitate the Visual Arts brainstorming sessions, and invited diverse artists to participate and share their artistic perspective during these sessions. With the invited artists and people that have registered to the program, a peer group of creative people will be formed, many coming from Amsterdam Zuidoost. It is a diverse group of Dutch, Surinam, Caribbean, Brazilian, Peruvian, Eastern European and other international people, from whom many are second generation migrants. Their occupations vary between artists, musicians, designers, philosophers, students and healers. During the sessions we will reflect about our coexistence in the society we live in, and express this awareness through diverse artistic and creative mediums. During the sessions we will use diverse conversation techniques. The peer group will guide our creative process till the final exhibition in December 2020.

Capoeira Experience in social media:



COVID-19 has triggered quick and extensive changes in human behavior as well as transformed our future. Radical shifts in how we live, such as the way online interaction and remote working are now more the norm than an option, and are likely here to stay. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are adapting to meet people’s needs in new ways.

This situation raises a crucial question for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs: How do you apply creative thinking and empathy in order to innovate rapidly, and in the right ways, when behaviors and expectations are changing so much and so fast? Not only in society, but also in the workplace, creativity has become an economic demand. In fact, every entrepreneur and intrapreneur is a designer.

Design thinking (Human Centered Design) mindset and philosophy lets you better understand people’s needs, pain points, motivations, behaviors and concerns, and also makes for a more efficient, more flexible design process. It also helps to think more openly and broad, to uncover the illogical and to see the unpredictable in designing new products, services and business models.

By engaging early with your cutomers and seeking their input, perspective and feedback, you gain valuable insights while still working with prototypes and sketches rather than fully built services or products. This way you can avoid steering resources in the wrong direction. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs apply design thinking in order to develop new products with a high likelyhood of market acceptance. Design Thinking finds about the true customer needs and insights, which reduces the risk of failure. Design Thinking methodology is based on the following principles:

  1. Empathy. Excellent understading of the customer as well as team members. Engaging the customers and getting continuous user feedback. Designing never ends. 
  2. Failing forward. Failing often and early, through short iterative cycles. Failure is a fundamental part of the innovation process and a source of knowledge that leads to accelerated learning process.
  3. Autonomy. Optimism, curiosity and inspiration. No tops and downs, no restricitions, no predetermined solutions.
  4. Interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity approach. Bringing different perspectives on the problem. Team diversity.

The iterative process and human centerdness helps to create meaningful products that we all need and want. Iterative appraoch means that you do the process more than once and therefore you can make failures happen. You need to make those failures in order to learn and to correct your own assumtions during the design process in order to find the best solution for your customers!

Hello! I’m Arta, a founder of Maison A. 10 years ago, following my intuition, I made a brave step and started a successful and vibrant life as a creative entrepreneur. I got out of my head and fully embraced my real potential as a creative leader, leaving my previous career that no longer satisfied me.

Connection to and consistent development of my intuition unleashed my creative potential and changed my whole life!

FLOW, LOVE, INSPIRATION, IMAGINATION, ADVENTURE, PASSION, FUN, ABUNDANCE are few of the keywords to describe the abundat inner and outer life I’m living right now, thanks to my strenghtened inner guidance! 


In my role as a coach I help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, to connect to and to develop their intuition so that they can use their creative potential to it’s full capacity and make the best decisions without self-doubt. To create the positive impact they wish to be recognized for in their communities. To always be inspired and inspiring and to never run out of ideas.

EVERYONE is creative and intuitive, but unfortunately we are conditioned to be disconnected from our senses and emotions!

In today’s ever changing world, being able to think creatively, to react quickly as well as ability to be flexible and brave are essential skills that every entrepreneur and intrapreneur must have. Using just our conscious mind and rational analysis is not enough to create that impact that we want to create and be known for, however for most people in the western society, due to the out-dated male paradigm, their intuition is still one of their most precious, yet underused resources. When they learn to get in touch with it, they are amazed!

Get in touch with me if you wish to develop your intuitive intelligence for intensified creativity and good decision-making. I also offer this training to teams. When working with me, you can look forward to:

✪ Easier, quicker and better decision making,

✪ Greater creativity and a much better sense of ‘flow’ – the right people, clients, networks, conversations, in-sights, solutions happening for you and your venture,

✪ Overcoming limiting beliefs that hinder you from being a creative leader

✪ Ignition of your creative leader within – more trust, COURAGE and confidence,

✪ Greater inner peace and satisfaction. Elevated awareness level so you can reach your highest potential,

✪ Improved energy level. Stressing less. Enjoying life more. 

Get my FREE tips on intuition development.

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It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover

– Henri Poincare


The future is not a pure projection of the past – data doesn’t always anticipate major shifts in culture, technology, the environment and so forth. The inability of data to anticipate changes, coupled with the fact that institutions condition us not to trust intuition but instead focus on critical thinking and data, has cause imbalance in business leadership, decision-making, and innovation. The conscious rational mind is limited and when we open ourselves to the intelligence in our bodies and our unconscious mind, the well we draw from gains more depth and breadth to inform us. Intuition is a true resource of a deeper intelligence and instinct inherent in each of us that allows us to tap in our potential and utilize all of the data inside of us and around us for our best decision-making. Intuition requires us to step back, slow down, and open up to the bigger picture. 


One of the three pillars of our new design thinking framework at Chamber of Unknowing and a truly distinctive quality of our service and workshops is the emphasis on the development of your intuitive skills – facilitating you to leap into the unknown, guided by your strong inner GPS. Integration of your inner knowing and guidance (for the most informed decisions) with critical thinking and analytics (for a clear direction based on research and data) to give you the best chance to succeed in business and in life, and help you train and develop intuitive skills to achieve the greatest result for the business.

When we slow down our intuition allows us to include more information and therefore make wiser decisions. To learn to reconnect with our intuition, we often have to deprogram from our default patterns of thinking, which limit our decision-making potential. In other words, we already know what we already know. In order to access new and creative solutions, we need to unlearn our thought patterns.

During our workshops we will lead you through a process, which taps into your intuitive intelligence to improve decision-making, leadership, and innovation. We will facilitate your ability to recognize intuitive patterns, nuances, and make your intuition increase through exposure, listening, and practice. We’ll also shed new light on what gets in the way of your intuition so that you can begin to overcome some of these obstacles and gain more access to your natural intelligence. Our workshops also include exercises that you and your team will implement to harness intuition and grow the most underdeveloped skill set in today’s business culture! Separate yourself and your organization or your product/ service from the competition by enabling you and your team to soar to new heights of creativity, outside-the-box thinking, and innovation!

See you in the Chamber of Unknowing!






Midst this beautiful but busy life I set myself on a pause and reflect on why I’m doing the things I’m doing. This mostly happens in the moment before “the next amazing thing”. This time it’s the moment before naming my collection.  What usually happens during the pause is me coming back to the same conclusion – everything I do, create or experience comes from or starts with LOVE. I believe that, at large, there is no other drive why people do the things they do. I’m speaking here about the things that do work out and have a future in the long run, in other words – sustainable things. Therefore I continue with the message that was born out of love for my best friend – that inspiring badass vegan trailblazer who met the love of her life and got married last year, and my love for nature and belief that life is a fun party, despite the gloomy and doomy!

I love the topic of badass – feeling and being a strong creator of my reality, determing my own story and direction in life. A badass never bends, but looks the world straight in the eyes. Between fun or rules she choses fun. She has a strong sense of self and her personal power. She deals with her fears with quiet strength. This lady is not afraid to screw up royally, taking that as a stepping stone. She is aware of and uses her gifts! A badass has a voice so those without a voice can be heard. I could go on and on, and I will 🙂 With this new biodegradable and hypoallergenic comfort wear collection I want to pay homage to all the badass ladies – “Women who are the real architects of society” /Harriet Beecher Stowe/. 

“Grace” is the English translation of the Greek χάρις (charis) meaning “that which brings delight, joy, happiness, or good fortune.” To me it feels like Grace is not only the smoothness and elegance of one’s movement and being. It’s also one’s courtesy to the environment an fellow beings. Yes, that’s also her – a graceful and silky, sensitive skin badass.


It has always been a pleasure to see, touch, experience these delicate and soft pieces of garments. Today, with more awareness about the unwanted side-effects of the fashion industry, Maison A develops its own lingerie and loungewear pieces that are made with respect for nature, from organic materials, and inspired by amazing and brave kick-ass Women and Men.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to know more about the process or place an order.



Biodegradable lingerie

Why I like the Invisible

Bespoke vegan wedding lingerie Kristine

La Défense neighborhood in Paris is rapidly expanding and lots of new buildings will be built in the near future to accommodate new residents and workers, and in this context organisation Vive les Groues takes an initiative to invest in a 9,000 m² wasteland near La Défense neighborhood (Les Groues), with the belief that what is taking place there today is contributing to the future of the neighborhood. Thus, planting trees, offering a green space, sharing workshops, revealing local stories, debating, organizing meetings, workshops and festive moments.

It was exciting and special to be part of the expansive and cross-disciplinary 2 weeks event Yes We Camp, where hundred participants from all over Europe shared reflection and knowledge around the issue of transient urbanism, and also brought practical and fun activities along to share and learn from each other. Together with Oscar Landais who I met during the camp we organized a little workshop in flower pounding on textile. Results as well as the plants from the area were gorgeous, and attracted interest and exchange from the participants of the camp as well as inhabitants of the neighborhood. 


“Tout va vite à l’heure du Grand Paris, mais la ville ne saurait se faire en un claquement de doigts” 

“Everything is going fast at the time of the Grand Paris, but the city can not be done in a snap of fingers”.


It took me quite some time to develop a biodegradable lingerie prototype and I don’t want to disintegrate the design by using chemical textile dyes. However, since the wedding season is over and surrounding nature is full of beautiful colors in autumn, a desire for more color is building up in me. I decided to follow the calling for colors in a responsible, yet experimental way.

After investigating possibilities to collaborate with nature on this mission, I chose to try out dying with avocado pits and with Dutch seaweed that grows in the artificially created lake next to my home, in the green suburbs of Amsterdam.

There is always a moment of surprise when one is busy with alchemy and that’s why I love it. The color that avocado pits offer is elegant beige/ skin color – a perfect match for a lingerie design. Second surprise – when combining the subtle green from the seaweed with the avocado pink, a bright, more intense and sensual salmon-like color appeared. Beautiful color. I’m happy that this process turned out to be a success, even though as more I experiment, as further I wish to experiment.

The Oddball soaps

The scent, the shape and the experience – three pillars of my soap design alchemy. The oddball soaps appeared from my hands while I was researching topics of intuition in relation to innovation and creativity, since my way of working is to combine practical work with theoretical research.

For the scent of this sheabutter and coconut oil soap I chose Frankincense essential oil. The essential oil is distilled from the Boswellia tree’s resin. When the Boswellia tree’s bark is pierced, a milky-white oleoresin is exuded – thought the tree is not harmed. The resin forms droplets known as ‘tears’ or ‘pearls’, which harden into the orange-brown gum known itself as Frankincense. The English name of this natural incense is derived from the medieval French ‘franc’, meaning ‘pure’ or ‘free’, and from the Latin ‘incensium’, meaning ‘to smoke’. This scent is said to strenghten intuition and deepen a spiritual connection by enhancing focus. It can enhance the mood and combat stress and anxiety, deepen and slow down the breathing and still the mind, making it useful for meditation and yogic practice. Used for many thousands of years, the Frankincense tree has a strong association with spiritual practice. Frankincense has even been sought after by kings and valued as highly as gold! In most of the great ancient cultures, including the Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Hebrew, Greek and Roman civilizations, it has played a role in religious and domestic life. From my own experience so far, I enjoy the emptiness and the mind space it offers me. It’s like a reminder to come back to my own space of just being.

The intuitive shapes that came out are oddball: half-plant and half-animal, like sea anemones or corrals. “An oddball” also refers to a person or thing that is atypical, bizarre, eccentric, or nonconforming, especially one having beliefs that are unusual but harmless. The longer I live the more I question things around me, like a child. Why is soap square or oval? What experiences can I create as a designer that I wish existed?





11. septembrī Rīgā, Tallinas ielā 10 plkst. 18:30.

Tallinas ielas kvartāls


—- Intuīcijas un apzinātības loma radošajā domāšanā un izgudrošanā
—- Transdisciplinārā pieeja dizaina problēmu risināšanā
—- Ekoloģija, ilgstpējīgs dizains un “Cradle to cradle” biznesa stratēģija
—- Biomīmikrijas un biodizaina risinājumi

11. septembrī no 18.30 – 20.00 Free Riga aicina uz lekciju par mūsdienu dizaina tendencēm, kuru vadīs māksliniece Arta Bāliņa.

Lekcija notiek pasākumu cikla Shifted Kompass ietvaros.